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Finding the Best Way to Treat Arthritis in Knee

Posted on March 05, 2024

Looking for the best way to treat arthritis in the knee? Today, there are many treatment options that relieve osteoarthritis-related knee pain. But for those who want to choose a non-surgical treatment option, genicular artery embolization or GAE can provide relief with shorter recovery periods and without hospital stays. Want to see if you're a candidate for this procedure? Keep reading to find out.

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What is the Best Way to Treat Arthritis in Knee?

Because knee osteoarthritis is both progressive and degenerative, your condition and symptoms will get worse unless you seek treatment. For some patients, that could be as simple as reaching and staying at an optimal weight, while getting plenty of exercise. But even with these lifestyle changes, many patients will still experience painful arthritis symptoms.

Now, in the past, many of those patients would choose to find relief with knee replacement surgery. But today, there's a less invasive option: GAE, an alternative to that knee replacement that offers the best way to treat arthritis in knee while avoiding surgery.

What is Genicular Artery Embolization?

This procedure offers a surgical alternative for relieving knee osteoarthritis. During the procedure, we insert a small catheter into the femoral artery, guided via X-ray imaging from a tiny entry point made in the groin area. Once in place, we use the catheter to deposit tiny embolic material to the arteries to limit blood flow and reduce inflammation and pain in your knee. While not everyone is a GAE candidate, many believe that this is the best way to treat arthritis in knee without surgery. Want to see if GAE can relieve your knee osteoarthritis pain? Click here to request an appointment

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