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How GAE Can Help Pickleball Knee Pain

Posted on February 08, 2024

Many older athletes are finding it harder to stay active because of pickleball knee pain. Now, this game is much gentler on the joints than other racket sports. However, when athletes have osteoarthritis in the knees, staying in the game can be very painful. Thankfully, GAE, or genicular artery embolization, can get you back into action.

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Understanding Pickleball Knee Pain

Many pickleball players get hurt due to age-related risks. And that makes sense because Paddletek reveals that more than 50% of the 36.5 million US pickleball players are over the age of 55. And an additional 30% of players are over the age of 65.

Of course, some of the aches and pains associated with the sport are due to knee injuries such as muscle tears or ligament strains. (And the risk for those injuries increases if age has already put mobility limits on your joints.) Now, some of these injuries can be avoided with proper form, lots of stretching, and supportive athletic gear. But when pickleball knee pain is caused by osteoarthritis, many players can find from an alternative knee replacement procedure called GAE.

This procedure was a game-saver for 80-year-old Patrick Shruben, who recently discussed undergoing GAE in 2021 with UCLA Health. The older athlete needed to relieve his pickleball knee pain, but “did not want to sit in pain for months after surgery.” After researching his relief options, Shruben chose GAE, saying, "My treatment was pretty amazing. I walked without knee pain the next day.”

Even better? His GAE procedure was very effective, as Shruben is still feeling great more than two years later. Even now, he brags, “Here I am at 80, and I’m doing things my own children can’t do.”

Choosing GAE at the Georgia Knee Institute

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